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Elon Musk is introducing many new features and options in X platform. Including name change, logo change, and so many features that impressed the users of X. Now the new feature called audio and video calls on X is introduced. Initially, this feature was only available for iOS users from October. This feature is now available for Android users too. Already the audio and video calling features are available in WhatsApp, now audio and video calls on X is introduced in the X platform.

Audio And Video Calls On X

This feature is completely available for the premium members of the X platform. The premium members can be able to make and receive the audio and video calls, but other users can only receive the calls and they cannot be able to make the calls.

But every user can receive the calls without the premium subscription by updating the X platform.

How To Make Audio And Video Calls On X?

For making audio and video calls, you have to ensure that your X platform is up-to-date.

  • After completing the update processes (if not updated before).
  • In the sidebar, go to the settings and privacy.
  • Go to Messages.
  • You will see the audio and video calls option.

The users can also make privacy settings in calling features by limiting who can call them from the direct message. Before making an audio or video call, the user needs to send a direct message at least once in a while. This feature will give the users a better experience in video and audio calls on X.


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