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Files, images, videos, and audio can be easily shared with anyone, at any time through WhatsApp. However, the size of the file is limited. Now the new feature will be introduced by the WhatsApp called File Sharing Using Bluetooth In WhatsApp. This feature enables sharing files whose size is up to 2GB.

File Sharing Using Bluetooth In WhatsApp Feature

This new file sharing using Bluetooth In WhatsApp feature using Bluetooth in WhatsApp will be available for every user soon. Now this feature is under the testing in beta version. The files up to 2GBin size will be shared using the Bluetooth option in WhatsApp with other users when they are available near to you.

This feature will make the larger file transfer process easy for the users. It may considered as a fast file sharing.

How to Share Files Using Bluetooth In WhatsApp?

For sharing files using the Bluetooth option in WhatsApp, some of the steps have to be followed.

Users have to click on the ‘Share Files’ which will be a section available for sharing the files using Bluetooth.

Both the sender and the receiver of the files should open the ‘Share Files’ option.

Users will be in the Share Files section until the file sharing process is completed.

This feature will make the file sharing process easy by enabling users to share the files through WhatsApp. This feature is expected to be available for everyone soon. Files with a size of more than 2GB cannot be shared using this file sharing using Bluetooth in WhatsApp.

Some of the other features will also be included in the future. Moreover, the voice notes in channels, polls in channels, and having more than one admin for a channel are also included.


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