Boat Enigma Z20 Smartwatch Price In India And Specifications

Boat Enigma Z20 Smartwatch

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The Boat company has introduced a new smartwatch called Enigma Z20. The Boat Enigma Z20 Smartwatch has many smart features. The price of this smartwatch is also in the budget range.

Boat Enigma Z20 Smartwatch Price

The starting price of this Boat Enigma Z20 Smartwatch is Rs 3,299.

Boat Enigma Z20 Smartwatch Specifications

This smartwatch weighs 45g and the dimensions of this smartwatch are 14.1 x 12.5 x 8.9 cm. It supports Bluetooth connectivity. It comes with a 1.5-inch circled HD display. The type of battery used is a lithium-ion battery. The peak brightness of this smartwatch is up to 600 nits. It has a sleep tracker and heart rate tracking monitor. This smartwatch comes with an HD resolution.

Once the smartwatch is fully charged, the battery life lasts for up to 5 days. If the Bluetooth calling feature is enabled, then the battery lasts only for 2 days. This smartwatch supports Bluetooth call features. This smartwatch has an LCD dial. This watch can be purchased through the official online store and on other famous online platforms such as Amazon.

Boat Enigma Z20 Smartwatch Features

This smartwatch is equipped with IP68 for water and dust resistance. It supports games and emergency SOS features. It supports storing contacts, up to 250 contacts can be stored in this smartwatch. Moreover, it supports smart voice assistant and timer, music, alarm, and more features. This watch has multiple sports features. Other features such as Find My Phone, weather, and games are also supported by this Enigma Z20 smartwatch. The features provided with this watch will provide the users with a better experience.

Boat Enigma Z20 Variants

This smartwatch is available in three color variants Jet Black, Brown Leather, and Metal Black. The price may vary according to the color option you choose.


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