Block Option Will Be Removed From X (Twitter)

Elon Musk Says- Block Option Will Be Removed And There Will Be No Block Feature

Block Option Will Be Removed

Block Option Will Be Removed

X (Twitter) is one of the famous social media platforms. Through X, anyone can share their ideas, thoughts, opinions, and more easily in the form of tweets.

Elon Musk bought X for 44 Billion USD last year. Since he bought X, he is modifying the features of X and rebranding it such as changing the name from Twitter to X and changing its logo from a bird to the letter X.

These changes make this X a discussion topic among most of its users. Another change will be made in this X platform.

Now, Elon Musk announced that the blocking feature in X will be removed soon. And there will be no block feature. The block option will be removed from X. This decision made many users feel disappointed.

A user of X will not be able to block another user’s account. Instead, they can mute the messages from them. Their tweets cannot be blocked. Only the messages will be muted. Many of the users expressed their disappointment about this decision as they won’t block the spam or any unwanted person’s accounts.

Moreover, removing the block Option in X may be a violation of the terms and conditions of both the Apple Store and Play Store. People saying that by removing the block option X may be removed from these two platforms.

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