HD Image Sharing In Whatsapp- New Feature Launched

Whatsapp Introduced a New Feature For HD Image Sharing

HD Image Sharing In WhatsApp

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HD Image Sharing In WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the biggest communication platforms. WhatsApp is being used by millions of users for sharing the information, messages, and more among their friends and families. WhatsApp is being used everywhere, from schools, colleges to family groups. By using WhatsApp groups, one can share the messages quickly.

One of the requests of WhatsApp users is sharing High quality images without compressing the images. WhatsApp usually allows to share HD images but it shares the images by compressing it and reduces the quality too. But now this problem will not occur while sharing high quality images.

WhatsApp is always introducing new features to increase the user’s experience. Now WhatsApp launched a new feature of sharing High resolution images. This was announced by the CEO of the Meta company Mark Zuckerberg.

Hereafter, the WhatsApp users can share high resolution images. And the receiver will also receive the same image without any compressions and quality reductions. This feature is happily received by WhatsApp users. This feature was released on 17th August 2023 by Mark Zuckerberg. This feature will be used by every WhatsApp user.

Mark Zuckerberg announced about this feature in Instagram and Facebook. He shared a video about this. In that video, users can understand the process of HD image sharing in WhatsApp easily.

How to share HD images in WhatsApp?

For sharing HD images in WhatsApp, users of WhatsApp have to update WhatsApp to the latest available version. After updating the WhatsApp, an HD image sharing button will appear to the users. By clicking on that button, you will be provided with two options of sharing images. One is for normal sharing and other is for sharing HD images. You have to choose the HD image sharing option. But at the same time, the HD image will require more space than a normal image.

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