WhatsApp New Updates For Channels 2024

WhatsApp New Updates

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WhatsApp is also updating its features to give a better user experience. Now there are some WhatsApp New Updates to be released soon. These feature updates will be used on WhatsApp channels. By using these features WhatsApp channels can be accessed more effectively than now. These WhatsApp New Updates features will be available on both iOS and Android devices.

WhatsApp New Updates Features

  • Multiple Admins
  • WhatsApp Channel Polls
  • Voice Notes In WhatsApp Channels
  • Share To Status In WhatsApp Channels

Multiple Admins

In this update, it is possible to make multiple admins for a channel. The highest possible number of admins of a WhatsApp channel is 16. This feature will allow the admins to handle the WhatsApp channels easily.

WhatsApp Channel Polls

The WhatsApp channel admins can create polls by themselves. The followers of that channel can be able to react to that poll by clicking on the poll’s option. It can help the admins to know the follower’s mindset and can also help them to provide better information. This will make the followers participate in deciding the answers.

Voice Notes In WhatsApp Channels

To make the admins easily share information with the users of a channel. WhatsApp to introduce a voice note option for WhatsApp channels. Through this option, the channel admins can share voice notes in their WhatsApp channel.

Share To Status In WhatsApp Channels

With the help of this ‘Share To Status’ option, users can share the updates that will be shared by an admin in a channel to the user’s status. It allows the users to share the updates available in the channel to their WhatsApp status. So that the user’s contacts can also view them.


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