AI-Generated Stickers in Whatsapp: Whatsapp Will Provide AI Stickers Generation

Whatsapp Introduces New Feature: AI-Generated Stickers In Whatsapp

AI-Generated Stickers in Whatsapp

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AI-Generated Stickers In Whatsapp

Currently, AI is growing immensely in many industries. AI will complete a task in a few minutes. It has advantages and disadvantages too.

Now, AI entered into the famous messaging platform Whatsapp. Whatsapp supports text messages, audio messages, images, and videos, and can make calls.

The Meta company announced that they will provide an AI facility to create stickers of the user’s choice and they will share the created stickers with their contacts. It is one of the most interesting factors. Users of Whatsapp will generate stickers as they want and will share them with others.

The AI-generated stickers in Whatsapp feature is now available in the beta version of Whatsapp. And will soon be available to every Whatsapp user. Whatsapp is being used by many such as sharing information in family groups, and office groups, sharing information and messages with our friends and families, and has many uses.

This AI-generated stickers feature will definitely increase the experience of users. By using this feature users will easily express their thoughts. This feature will be liked by many. It is informed that the Whatsapp team also ensured the security level of this AI.

This feature is expected to be available for every user soon. Whatsapp is always updating its features to increase the user’s experience.

How to create stickers using AI in Whatsapp?

This feature is being tested in the beta version of Whatsapp. The stickers can be created by clicking on the CREATE button, have to specify what kind of sticker is needed, and will create the stickers as they want.

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