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Samsung Galaxy Watch Features

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Samsung Galaxy watches are considered to be one of the best smartwatches in the market. Galaxy watches are mainly known for their features but ECG monitoring and blood pressure features were not provided. But now the Samsung Galaxy Watch features such as ECG monitoring and blood pressure measurement are available in Samsung Galaxy Watch 6. These Samsung Galaxy Watch features will be available soon in Samsung Galaxy 5, and the Samsung Galaxy 4.

These two features are already available on Apple smartwatches. This feature will be given in other Galaxy watches such as Samsung Galaxy 4 and 5 watches through updates.

How To Use Samsung Galaxy Watch Features?

The Samsung Galaxy Watch new features such as Blood pressure measurement and ECG monitoring are accessed through the Samsung Health Monitor app. Users need to download this app on both the Samsung Galaxy Watch and the mobile phone.

How To Use ECG Monitoring In Samsung Galaxy Watch?

To use the ECG monitoring health feature in your Samsung Galaxy Watch Features, you have to download the Samsung Health Monitor app.

You have to make the pairing between the mobile phone and your Samsung Galaxy Watch.

Wear the Samsung Galaxy watch correctly.

Open the Samsung Health Monitor app on your mobile.

Hold your finger on the top button of the Samsung Galaxy Watch for 30 seconds.

The ECG monitoring information will be sent to you through the Samsung Health Monitor app.

How To Measure Blood Pressure Using Samsung Galaxy Watch?

To measure blood pressure through the Samsung Galaxy Watch, the users need to install the Samsung Health Monitor app on their mobile phone and the smartwatch.

Wear the Samsung Galaxy Watch tightly.

Open the health monitoring app of Samsung and follow the instructions provided by the application.


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