Twitter New Logo- Blue Bird Flew! New White X Coming Up

Twitter’s Next Move With Their New Logo

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Twitter New Logo

Twitter Old Logo

Twitter was introduced in 2006. Since 2006, the logo of Twitter was a Blue Bird named Larry. This bird logo impressed many Twitter users. But now the logo has changed. This Blue Bird was considered to be one of the main identities of Twitter but now this was changed with the new logo.

Is Twitter changing its logo?

Yes. Twitter has changed its logo. In April, Elon Musk changed the Twitter logo to Doge Symbol.

But users on Twitter were not interested in the Doge Logo and opposed it. So the Doge Logo was removed and the same Bird Logo took the place. But now the Twitter Logo was changed.

What is the new logo of Twitter?

Now Elon Musk revealed the new logo of Twitter. It is the letter X. The X is in white color and the background is in black color. was added with will lead to Twitter’s page in the browser.

Hereafter, Twitter works together with Xcorp. The headquarters of Twitter in America has been designed with the letter X.

The Blue Bird Logo was removed from Twitter’s web page. If you open the Twitter web page, you will see the new X logo instead of the old Blue Bird Logo.

Elon Musk conducted a poll on Twitter for changing its logo. And many users responded positively. Many of them supported changing the Twitter logo from Blue Bird to X. As a result, they have changed the Logo.

Why is Twitter being rebranded?

Elon Musk owns SpaceX and Tesla. He is one of the richest men. Elon Musk bought Twitter in 2022. From 2022, Elon Musk is making some changes on Twitter.

Elon Musk bought Twitter for 44 billion USD. The CEO of Twitter is Linda Yaccarino. The CEO of Twitter announced that Twitter would be the future state of unlimited interactivity. They have planned to include many new features such as messaging, payments/banking, etc,… with the help of AI.

The main goal of Elon Musk is to improve the value of the brand named X. Elon Musk removed fake accounts from Twitter to improve user’s experience.

Elon Musk is planning to make Twitter an all-in-one platform where we use it as a video platform, an audio platform, a money transferring platform, etc,… Moreover, the information says we will buy cryptocurrency too using the Twitter platform.

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