Liquid3: The Revolutionary Alternative For Trees

Gain more information about Liquid3, the organic alternative to trees.

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An Eco-Friendly Alternative To Trees

Artificial Trees

Due to technological development, trees are becoming less. This may cause a major effect on every lives. The world is in desperate need of trees. The research says that at present there are only 2-3 trillion trees. But this count was once 7 trillion. That count has now become half of the past count.

What Is Liquid3?

The carbon emission in 2022 was 36.2 billion tons. This was 2% higher than the 2021 carbon emissions. So this has to be solved. For this, we have to plant more trees. At the same time, the trees won’t grow in a day, it may take a few years.

To help trees, we can use this Liquid3. The Liquid3 appears just as a park bench. This acts as a support for trees.

How Liquid Tree Works?

The Liquid3 consists of 600 liters capacity tank. The tank was filled with water and chlorella algae. Chlorella is a microalgae. It doesn’t need any separate ecosystem to grow.

The chlorella algae carry photosynthesis event using chlorophyll and convert sunlight as its energy. And we all know that photosynthesis event converts carbon dioxide into oxygen. The researches are ongoing for adding other microalgae into Liquid3.

How Liquid3 Replace Tree?

One Liquid3 can do works of two 10 years old trees. It is 50% more efficient than 1 tree. It has the capacity to replace 2 trees in a place. It is compact too. But it can be installed as a support for trees.

What are the Uses of Liquid3?

The Liquid3 acts as a Park Bench. It has solar panels in it, so we can charge our phones using Liquid3. It is used as a street light too.

Even though Liquid3 looks artificial, there are not actually artificial. They are organic microalgae.

Who Invented Liquid3?

Liquid3 was developed by Dr Ivan Spasojevic.

Where is The Liquid3 Placed?

The first Liquid3 was installed in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia.

When was The Liquid Tree Invented?

The Liquid3 was installed in the year 2021 September in Belgrade.

Disadvantages Of Liquid3

There are some disadvantages are also associated with the Liquid3

Liquid3 won’t feel like the real trees. The water and microalgae and the water need to be changed properly every month. Liquid3 needs some maintenance.

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