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The Latest Location Of Chandrayaan- 3

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Chandrayaan- 3 Updates

The elliptical orbit of Chandrayaan-3 was already raised 4 times. Now it was raised for the fifth time. The ISRO scientists said that the process of raising the elliptical orbit of Chandrayaan- 3 was completed successfully. Let’s see about the current update of Chandrayaan-3.

Chandrayaan- 3 mission is one of the dream researches of India. India launched Chandrayaan- 2 in 2019 but it lost its communication at the last minute. It was a very heartbreaking moment.

After Chandrayaan- 2, ISRO planned for launching Chandrayaan- 3. ISRO made Chandrayaan-3 with a budget of 615 Crore INR. ISRO used LVM 3 M4 rocket for Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft. Chandrayaan- 3 was launched on 14th July 2023 from Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota.


Where Is Chandrayaan- 3 Now?

It has to cross many hierarchies to achieve its final destination. It has to rotate in Earth’s orbit 5 times. Then it will reach the moon’s orbit and starts to rotate on it. After completing these steps, the spacecraft will be landed on the moon.

Now the elliptical orbit of Chandrayaan-3 was raised. As a result, the distance between the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft and the Earth is from atleast 236km to atmost 127609km. It doesn’t rotate Earth’s orbit in even circles.

The next thing to be done is to move the spacecraft into the orbit of the moon. On August 1, the Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft will move away from the orbit of Earth and starts traveling toward the moon. It will reach the orbit of the moon on August 5 and from August 5 it will be traveling in orbit of the moon until August 23.

Chandrayaan- 3 Landing Date

On August 23, at 5:47 PM Chandrayaan-3 spacecraft will land on the surface of the moon.

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