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Sora AI Video Generator

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In 2022, OpenAI introduced ChatGPT which plays a main role in some of the content creation, idea generation, and more through communication with it. Now, OpenAI has introduced a new AI, Sora AI video generator which is used for converting texts into a video. Sora AI is under the testing process and it is expected to be available for everyone soon. It is said that the main purpose of the testing is to identify the problems and risks associated with the Sora AI video generator. The videos generated by the Sora AI look realistic.

What Is Sora AI Video Generator?

The Sora is an AI video generator. This takes text prompts as inputs and generates the videos as per the text inputs. The Sora can even generate videos that are in your imagination. Also, Sora can add or delete a specific part from a video that is already created. Sora can generate videos having multiple characters with sharp detailings.

The Sora can generate a video of 1 minute. There are also other AI video generators available but Sora stands ahead of them because of its ability to create a video of 1 minute. Another main reason that Sora is better than other AI video generators is that the videos created by Sora come with impressive quality. The resolution of the videos generated by Sora is up to 1920 x 1080/1080 x 1920.

Sora AI Video Generator

How To Use Sora AI Video Generator?

Sora can understand the text prompts. Based on the text prompts, Sora can generate videos up to 1 minute. Users have to describe the video in the text prompts. Generating videos using Sora looks easier as it gets the text prompts as inputs.

Sora can be used across various fields. Sora uses some of the techniques to alter the appearance of the video according to the user’s choices. Sora can also add new elements to existing videos. Now, Sora is not available for everyone but it is expected to be available for everyone soon. The official launch date is not announced by OpenAI.


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