OpenAI Introduced New AI Model GPT-4o

New AI Model GPT-4o

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The OpenAI company has introduced a new AI model GPT-4o. This was introduced on 13 May 2024. This new GPT-4o will make the ChatGPT easier to access. ChatGPT-4 was the most advanced version of ChatGPT until the introduction of GPT-4o. The GPT-4 is only available to paid users, but now this new AI model GPT-4o will be free for everyone.

New AI Model GPT-4o

This GPT-4o would make access to ChatGPT easier. The company said that the GPT-4o will provide the intelligence at a level of GPT-4o but with a faster accessibility than the GPT-4 model.

The GPT-4o allows users to give input in any form such as text, audio, or images, and return the output (response) for those inputs in the same format in which users provided the input. The GPT-4o model is capable of interacting with users in text, audio, and vision. Users can upload any documents, images, or any other screenshots and in return, GPT-4o can able to make responses with users about those inputs. It is also able to learn from the previous interactions that users made with it. Large Language Models (LLMs) are used in the GPT-4o.

It is said that GPT-4o is double the times faster than the GPT-4. Nowadays ChatGPT is the most popular chatbot, and the new audio and vision capabilities of GPT-4o will make its reach greater.

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI said in a blog “It feels like AI from the movies … Talking to a computer has never felt really natural for me; now it does”.

Demonstrations of the new AI model GPT-4o happened and in one demonstration, a voice assistant of GPT read a story in various voice tones and emotions. In another demonstration, the GPT-4o solved a math question that was written on a sheet. The GPT-4o will provide greater capacity limits for its paid users than the company’s free users.

GPT-4o Launch Date

The new GPT-4o model will be available to everyone in a few weeks.


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