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MGIE Image Editing AI

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MGIE Image Editing AI

Apple introduced a new model for image editing called MGIE Image Editing AI. Using MGIE anyone can edit their images easily. As MGIE supports natural language(text) commands, editing is made easier. MGIE is the abbreviation for the MLLM- Guided Image Editing. This will give the users a good experience and make them avoid using some of the complex editing techniques. It will be more helpful for the people who don’t know editing skills as much. It supports a wide range of editing options. Let’s see about the MGIE in detail.

What Are The Editing Options Supported By MGIE?

The MGIE Image Editing AI can be able to support a wide variety of editing options. It can do edits at pixel levels. It can resize, rotate, and crop the images using the text instructions. Moreover, it can do some editing options such as auto-filling the image borders, removing the objects, changing the colors, sizes, and shapes of an object, and even the filters can also be applied. It can adjust brightness, contrast, sharpness, and color balance, so the image quality will also be increased.

MGIE Image Editing AI

How Does MGIE Editing AI Work?

The MGIE AI works using the MLLM to understand the natural language instructions by the users. It is said to understand both image and text.

The MGIE understands the user’s commands which are given in the form of the natural language instructions and makes the edits according to the user’s commands. For example, if the user says ‘Increase the saturation by 35%’, the MGIE understands the command and changes the saturation of the image by 35%. It is expected to be used by many of the users because of its easy access.

How To Use MGIE Editing AI?

The MGIE Image Editing AI is available in the form of an open-source project. The MGIE is available on GitHub. It is also hosted on the Hugging Face Demo as a web page. It is free to access now.


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