Google Takes Measures To Reduce Spam In Gmail Inboxes

Reduce Spam In Gmail Inboxes

We may often face many spam emails in our Gmail inboxes. Sometimes it is frustrating to see spam emails. Now it is said that Google will reduce spam in Gmail inboxes. It will help us to avoid unnecessary spam mail. Google takes strict actions to reduce spam mail. The restrictions are mainly focused on the bulk mail senders.

Google’s Measure To Reduce Spam In Gmail Inboxes

Google has updated its spam policy in October 2023. As per the updated policy, the recipients should be able to unsubscribe from that mail in a single click. The bulk mail senders have been able to send only 5000 mails per day.

Google has recently updated its email policy, which will help receivers receive fewer spam emails in a day. It would help the users to get a better experience. The newly updated Gmail policy says that bulk mail senders have to authenticate their accounts. The bulk mail senders should have to follow a list of guidelines. If they fail to follow those guidelines, they might be blocked. And also the unsubscribe option should be available so that the receiver can easily unsubscribe. It will reduce spam in Gmail inboxes.

It was already initiated by Google by the beginning of this February. Since February starting the non-compliant bulk senders have been receiving temporary error messages. These error messages are said to affect a small traffic percentage and the bulk senders will correct them as they are temporary.

From April, Google will start to reject some percentage of non-compliant bulk email senders traffic and that rejection percentage is said to be increased. This update by Google will reduce spam mail in Gmail inboxes and give personal account users a better experience.


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