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The newly styled foldable phones are gaining more attention among smartphone users. Many foldable smartphones have been launched recently. Now information says that Apple is also making new foldable iPhones. Let’s see the details about those Apple Foldable iPhone.

Apple Foldable iPhone

Recently, Apple Vision Pro was released and reached more attention. Apple is now testing two different models of Apple Foldable iPhone. These iPhones are in the starting stages of development. It is also said that if these Apple Foldable iPhones do not reach the expected, then they may stop. Other than foldable iPhones, Apple also concentrates on flip ipads. These iphones may be flipped horizontally. The sizes of the two models may vary. Till now, there are no foldable/flip phones available in the Apple. So now, Apple is planning to develop foldable iPhones. It may bring a major change in the market.

Foldable Phones

There are many foldable phones have been launched already but all of them are Android mobile phones. The available foldable phones in the market are Pixel Fold, Galaxy Z Fold 5, and more.

Apple Foldable iPhone Launch Date

The exact launch date of the Apple Foldable iPhones is not known yet. But it is expected to be launched by 2026.


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