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Panasonic Matter-Enabled AC

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Panasonic has introduced a new lineup of ACs for the year 2024. This new lineup includes a Panasonic matter-enabled AC. Moreover, this lineup includes 60 models of Air Conditioners. The matter is a new standard for the connection among smart home appliances. The new Panasonic matter-enabled AC is available in 1.0, 1.5, and 2 tons. These ACs support integration with the MirAIe app that enables users to operate AC through their smartphones, giving users a better experience. Users can also use any other matter-enabled app to control these matter-enabled appliances. These ACs are India’s first matter-enabled Room Air Conditioners.

The managing director of Panasonic Life Solutions India said that their recently commissioned study ‘Panasonic’s 2024 Young Parents Everyday Life Concerns’ highlighted multifaceted considerations of consumers when dealing with AC-related issues- extending beyond basic cooling, i.e., indoor air hygiene, efficiency, and technological integration (connectivity). They developed and manufactured their new range of ACs, keeping the evolving needs of their consumers in mind.

Panasonic Matter-Enabled AC

Panasonic Matter-Enabled AC Features

This Panasonic matter-enabled AC is controlled using any other matter-enabled applications. These ACs are featured with copper coils and condensers. It consists of a four-way inflow and seven modes of cooling. It can be controlled in various ways by using Alexa, the MirAIe app, and Google Assistant. The AC unit has a warranty of 1 year, the compressor has a warranty of 10 years, and a PCB has a 5-year warranty. These new matter-enabled ACs can be purchased through Panasonic showrooms and also through online platforms.

Panasonic Matter-Enabled ACs Launch Date

These matter-enabled ACs were launched in India on 12 February 2024.

Panasonic Matter-Enabled AC Price

The starting price of the matter-enabled AC is Rs 33,990.


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