Twitter vs Threads- The Feature Comparison

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Here is the comparison between Twitter and Threads.


The Threads application was developed by Meta. The Threads application is becoming the trending one among other social media platforms. The Threads is interconnected with the Instagram application. The Threads application reached millions of downloads within 4 hours of launch.

The Threads application is considered to be a competitor for Twitter.

Threads vs Twitter

The Threads allow users to type up to 500 characters whereas Twitter allows 280 characters for users without Bluetick verification and 25000 characters for users with Bluetick verification.

Getting Bluetick, Threads Vs Twitter

To get a Bluetick verification Twitter charges 900 rupees for mobile users and 700 rupees for desktop users per month. Threads charge no amount for Bluetick verification, you can get Bluetick in Threads when you have the same in Instagram as they are interconnected.

Login, Threads Vs Twitter

To login into threads you can use user Instagram account. It will carry on your Instagram users and the same profile in Threads too. As we all know, a Twitter login consists of an email or mobile number and password details.

Video Timing, Threads Vs Twitter

Threads allows users to upload videos for 5 minutes. Twitter allows users to upload videos of a length of 2.20 minutes for users without Buetick but users with Bluetick can upload videos of a length above 1 hour.

Trending, In Threads Vs Twitter

Twitter allows users to explore trending topics easily but Threads do not have this feature for now. But Threads shows the trending topics in the home feed itself.

Advertisement, Threads Vs Twitter

Twitter has advertisements in between the feeds whereas threads do not have any advertisements in between the feeds.

At the same time, we can save the posts on Twitter for later reference but Threads do not have this feature.

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