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How To Schedule Posts On Instagram | Reels Schedule 2024

Instagram Introduced New Limit Interactions Feature | Instagram Update

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Instagram is one of the most used social media platforms. One of the most frequent questions about Instagram is how to schedule posts on Instagram. Instagram provides users with scheduled posts and reel features. This scheduled posts feature will make the users post reels and photos easily at a specific time.

Instagram provides many new features which is the reason why Instagram is unique from other social media platforms. Instagram is mainly used for entertainment purposes but on the other end, Instagram influencers are earning through Instagram collaborations. Anyone can get more followers on Instagram by using their talents and skills easily.

Is It Possible To Schedule Instagram Posts/Reels?

Yes, it is possible to schedule Instagram posts/reels. You can schedule your Instagram posts/reels by using the features provided by Instagram and no need to use any external or third-party apps for scheduling.

Schedule Posts And Reels On Instagram

Instagram has introduced these reels/posts schedule features in 2022. This feature is available in professional accounts and not in personal accounts. You can use these schedule posts on the Instagram feature easily.

This feature helps the business accounts keep the audience engaged with regular intervals of posts. Once the posts or reels are scheduled, they will be automatically published when the time reaches. The users who have personal accounts cannot schedule their posts/reels. Scheduling posts on Instagram has some limitations in the number of posts/reels per day and the time the users choose.

How To Schedule Posts On Instagram?

Click on the tap to post a photo or reel.

Select the post or reels to publish on your account.

Click on Next.

Click on Advanced Settings and select Schedule.

Set the date and time click on Done and next finally click on Schedule.

How To Reschedule Instagram Posts/Reels?

Here is the answer to the question ‘How To Schedule Posts On Instagram?’,

To reschedule Instagram posts or reels, go to your profile.

Click on the top right menu and select Scheduled Content.

Select the reel/post you want to reschedule and click on the reschedule option to reschedule the post/reel.

How To Delete The Scheduled Post/Reel On Instagram?

To delete the scheduled post/reel on Instagram, go to your profile, click on the top right menu, and select the scheduled content.

Select the reel/post to delete, and click on Delete.

Limitations Of Instagram Posts/Reels Schedule

You can schedule only 25 posts per day.

You can select a time within 75 days and the chosen time cannot exceed 75 days.

Why Can’t You Schedule Posts/Reels On Instagram?

Only professional accounts can be able to schedule the posts, personal accounts cannot have the schedule options.

How Many Posts/Reels Can Be Scheduled On Instagram?

You can schedule up to 25 posts/reels per day and you cannot be able to schedule more than 25 posts/reels per day on Instagram.

Scheduling posts and reels on Instagram can save you more time. You can schedule your posts and reels in your free time. This feature helps you be consistent as you can schedule up to 25 posts a day so that you can able to be organized.

The above topics may answer the question ‘How to schedule posts on Instagram?’.


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