How To Book General Coach Tickets On UTS App? | New Updates On UTS App

Book General Coach Tickets

The tickets for the general coach are now booked from the UTS app on mobile phones. Hereafter, no need to stand in a queue for general coach tickets. Consumers can book general coach tickets from the UTS app regardless of the distance they travel. Initially, general coach ticket booking was available on the UTS platform but that had a distance limit of 20 kilometres. But now there is no distance limit to book general coach tickets.

Via the UTS mobile app, consumers can book general tickets from anywhere. It made travel easier and saved time. There are a few steps to book tickets on the UTS mobile app. Here are those ways.

How To Book General Coach Tickets On UTS App?

To book tickets via the UTS mobile app, you have to download and install the UTS mobile application on your smartphone.

You have to provide your name, mobile number, and other personal details during the registration process. You will receive an OTP and have to verify and enter that OTP.

After completing the registration, you will receive an ID and password. By using your ID and password you can log in to the UTS application.

Then, you have to enter the travel details. You have to enter the place from where you start and your destination.

After this, you will see a ticket fare. Click on the Book Ticket button to book the ticket. Then, the ticket is shown in the app. If you want, you can print the tickets.

The UTS app supports many online payment methods such as R-wallet, UPI, net banking, and more.


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