How to detect Which WordPress Theme a website is Using – in 3 steps

Interlyzer wordpress detector tool has helps to find a wordpress site is which using

Interlyzer is the best SEO tools site. Interlyzer wp theme detector for a find out the which time has using on wordpress site

you can find any wordpress website theme name and some other details about the site. find the site wp theme name in 3 simple steps


Copy the Url of wich site can you find the name of the WordPress theme has used. (copy the home page URL)


Paste the URL of when will you find the theme of the site. Url has paste on (website URL)


Final step has click the Detect bitten on the side of URL section. clike an see the magic

this tool has show the which theme is used in the site and some other details of the side

interlyzer wordpress theme detector page link Рopen 

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