How To Increase Laptop Speed?- 10 Best Ways To Increase Laptop Speed

Laptop Process Slow? Here Is Best Ways To Increase Laptop Speed

Best Ways To Increase Laptop Speed

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In today’s technical world, laptops are the assets that play a major role. Laptops support a great number of working platforms. Sometimes, the major drawback of some of the laptops is their processing speed.

As the speed of the laptop decreases, it may cause your tasks to take too long time to complete. So automatically, it may affect your work, and it may reflect in your job at points. To overcome these problems, you have to recover them. For that here are the best ways to increase Laptop speed. This will help you increase the laptop speed and ensure you a better performance of your laptop. The 10 best ways to increase laptop speed are given below.

How To Increase Laptop Speed?

Here are the 10 best ways to increase laptop speed. Let’s discuss all. The 10 ways that may be used to increase the laptop speed are given below.

Best Ways To Increase Laptop Speed

  • Deleting Temporary File
  • Deleting Unwanted Files
  • Using Prefetch
  • Cleaning Recycle Bin
  • Limiting Graphics
  • Disabling Unwanted Programs
  • Updating Manually
  • Scan For Virus
  • Turn Off Notifications
  • Cleaning Memory

1. Deleting Temporary File

Open the “Search Bar” on your laptop search for “Run” and press “Enter”. A popup window will be opened for you. In that, type “temp” and press “OK”. You will see a list of folders. Those folders are temporary folders, so you can delete them. Select all files and delete them. It is one of the best ways to increase laptop speed.

2. Deleting Unwanted Files

Open the “Search Bar” and search for “Run” and open it. The same popup will open again. In that, type, “%temp%” and press ok. Again a list of temporary files will be opened. Select all files and choose delete. But this time, not all the files get deleted, some of them show errors while deleting, so skip them.

3. Using Prefetch

Open the “Search Bar” and search for “Run” and open it. The same popup will be opened. In that popup, type “prefetch” and you will get another list of temporary files. While opening the folder, you will get a message as “You don’t currently have permission to access this folder”, for that message, you have to select “Continue” to move further. Follow the same procedure we followed in “Deleting Unwanted Files”.

4. Cleaning Recycle Bin

After completing the above 3 steps, the next step is to delete the files in the Recycle Bin. As we deleted the temporary files in the above three steps, they are now stored in the Recycle Bin. So open the “Recycle Bin”, select all files, and delete them.

5. Limiting Graphics

Disabling unwanted graphics will increase your laptop’s speed. For this step, you have to open the control panel. In the control panel, choose “System” and select “Advanced System Settings”. You will get a window showing a list of settings, among those settings, select settings in “Performance”. Now you will get a window showing a list of graphics, In that select “Custom” and disable the unwanted graphics.

6. Disabling Unwanted Programs

To disable unwanted programs, press “Ctrl+Alt+Del”, you will get a task manager window. In that, select the “Startup” option, and you will get a list of startup programs that get started automatically when you open the laptop. Now, you can disable the startup programs that you don’t want.

7. Updating Manually

By default, laptops update automatically, this may slow down your system. Open “Run” by pressing Winkey+R, search for services. msc, and enter. You will see a list of options, In that list choose “Windows update”, right-click on it, and choose properties. In properties, set the startup type to manual and click on “Apply”.

8. Scan For Virus

Virus will slow down your system speed, so you may install some software for scanning virus and scan for virus at regular intervals.

9. Turn Off Notifications

Open “Settings” and select “System” in settings. You will see “Notifications and actions”, select that. And turn off the unnecessary notifications.

10. Cleaning Memory

In a search bar, search for “Clean”, you will get disk clean option. Select drive, a new window will be opened. In that, select unwanted files and folders, and delete them.

The above mentioned techniques are considered as the best ways to increase laptop speed.

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