How To Send Large Files On WhatsApp? | Send Large Videos On WhatsApp

Send Large Files On WhatsApp

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In WhatsApp, there is a limited size for sending the files such as videos. The files under 2GB can be sent through WhatsApp, other files above 2GB cannot be sent through WhatsApp. Sometimes it becomes a difficult task to send files of more than 2GB size. So there are several methods used to send large files on WhatsApp.

Send Large Files On WhatsApp By Compressing

You can compress a file to reduce that file size. To reduce the video size by compressing, you may reduce the quality of the video by reducing the resolution. Otherwise, you can reduce the frame rate in your video. You can use compression tools to compress your video files. But it will make the video look low-quality. The quality of the video will be reduced while compressing them. If you don’t want your video to be of low quality, you can use other methods to send large files on WhatsApp.

Send Large Files On WhatsApp Using Google Drive

The above method of compression will reduce the video quality. So here is another method that won’t reduce the quality of a video file.

You can use cloud storage like Google Drive, to send large files to others. You have to upload your video file to Google Drive, to upload your video to Google Drive you need only your Gmail. After uploading your file, you have to share the general access link. While sending the link to a file, you have to ensure that the link you shared is in general access, so that others can access your file.

Send Large Files On WhatsApp Using iCloud

For iPhone, you can also use iCloud. Sending large files using iCloud is quicker and easier. Choose the video file you want to send, now click on share, and select the copy iCloud link. It will take a few seconds to create a link to that video file. You will be provided with a temporary link to that video file. You can now send that link to a video file through WhatsApp. This iCloud link is valid for a limited time as it is a temporary link.


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