Samsung Micro LED TV- Price, Features And Advantages

Samsung introduced the most expensive LED TV- Samsung Micro LED TV

Samsung Micro LED TV

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Samsung Micro LED TV

The Samsung company launched the new Samsung Micro LED TV. This Television was made up of micro LED technology. Samsung is well known for its best display technology across the world. Samsung is introduced new features in display technology. Samsung displays are being used in many of the smartphones. Even iPhones are also containing the Samsung display. The main aspect of Samsung displays is their quality.

Samsung had released an announcement about their new TV launch. This announcement made many of the users excited. This announcement is about their Micro LED Television.

Samsung Micro LED TV Price

The price of this TV made many users await its launch. The price of a Samsung 110-inch LED  TV price in India is ₹1,14,99,000.

Samsung Micro LED Specifications

Samsung Micro LED TV was built using Micro LED technology. This TV has many updated features that are needed for this period of time. This TV will bring live theatrical effects. It supports multi-view features up to 120 frames per second. This is a 4k resolution 110-inch Television. This TV contains 24. 8 million micro LEDs. The LEDs are made up of sapphire glass. This TV especially contains ambient+ mode and art mode.

Moreover, it contains a micro AI processor that provides Micro Color, Micro HDR, and Micro Contrast. This TV comes with a 100W RMS Sound System. They provide a remote with a solar cell that charges itself in indoor lights. The weight of this TV is 87kg. The size of a television is 422.5 x 1364.1 x 24. 9 mm.

The aspect ratio of this TV is 16: 9. The viewing angle of this TV is 178 degrees both horizontally and vertically. The color of this TV is black. The JPEG, PNG, and BMP image formats are supported. There are 2 speakers and the output per speaker is 15W. It supports Internet Access, Bluetooth, Gaming, and social media integrations.

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