Hereafter Meta’s Messenger App Won’t Support Messages

New Announcement About Meta’s Messenger App

Meta's Messenger App

Meta’s Messenger App: No SMS

Meta’s Messenger App played a major role in digital communication. By using the messenger app every individual made connections with others easily. The privacy of the messenger is also good. This messenger app supported many features such as language translation, real-time communication, video call, etc,…

But now an announcement has been released from Meta that no longer messenger would support messaging. From September 28, 2023 messenger will not support SMS. The SMS and MMS features of the messenger were introduced in 2016.

The main feature of Android is that it will support changing the default messaging app. But users of Android will not be able to choose Messenger as their default messaging app.

By using the messenger users can both send and receive text messages from their friends. But this feature will be canceled from September this year.

This feature will be discontinued. This change may affect the users who are using this as a default messaging app. They have to install other messaging apps or they can use their default message app that comes with the phone.

The users of Meta messenger have to change their messaging platform in the future.

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