Good News For Electric Vehicle Buyers- Avail Subsidy For Electric Vehicles (2023)

Subsidy available for the customers who buy electric vehicles

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Subsidy For Electric Vehicles

In Uttar Pradesh, the government created a portal to give subsidies to customers who buy electric vehicles after October 14. To give subsidies the government of Uttar Pradesh had created an online portal named UPDESCO. The customers can apply for m subsidies through the website.

It involves four-step verification, after completing these verifications successfully, the subsidy amount will be credited to the customer’s bank account.

Four-Step Verification Process On Subsidy For Electric Vehicles

This subsidy for electric vehicles scheme was introduced to increase the purchase of electric vehicles. This scheme is in the effective stage from 14th October 2022 to 13th October 2023. The eligible candidates can apply using the online portal. The eligible candidates are those who bought the vehicle in the period of this policy date.

This portal involves four stages of verification. The first verification stage is involved the dealer level, the second stage is involved registration verification, the third stage is departmental verification, and the final verification stage is TI verification.

Who Will Get The Subsidy For Electric Vehicles?

The individual customer who purchases the electric vehicle will avail the subsidy. Under one unit category, the buyers can avail subsidy amounts for a maximum of ten electric vehicles.

For buyers who buy EVs without batteries, the subsidy amount was reduced to 50% of the total subsidy amount.

How To Apply For Subsidy For Electric Vehicles?

The eligible candidates are those who bought electric vehicles after 14th October 2022 in Uttar Pradesh.

The candidate has to create a login ID and login password and have to login in an online portal.

The candidate has to enter the vehicle registration number. After filling in the registration number correctly, the portal will automatically fill in most of the details. The candidate has to fill only the unfilled columns.

After this, the candidate has to upload the photo of the signature and their photo in the respective columns. The photos should be the same as the ones they uploaded during the registration process of the vehicle.

The candidate has to upload the bank details. The bank account should be in the name of the vehicle owner.

After all these steps, the candidate can submit an application.

The candidates can check the current status of the application.

Subsidy Based On EV Type

The subsidy amount for the first 2 lakh two-wheelers electric vehicles is rupees 5000 per EV.

The subsidy amount for the first 25,000 four-wheelers is rupees 1,00,000 per EV.

The subsidy amount of up to rupees 20,00,000 per EV will be provided for the first 400 buses.

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