Top 20 Most Commonly Used Passwords | Do Not Use These Passwords

What are the 20 most commonly used passwords? | Tips To Create Strong Passwords

Most Commonly Used Passwords

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It is important to use passwords to safeguard our privacy and other private documents, photos, and videos. The process of choosing a safe password is becoming difficult day by day. Using strong passwords is crucial at the same time not using the most commonly used passwords is also important to keep our documents safe. The most commonly used passwords will be guessed by anyone easily without taking a large amount of time. There are some tips to keep in mind while creating a strong password. The common passwords may be considered to be the weakest passwords as they can be cracked easily. Let’s see the common passwords.

Most Commonly Used Passwords

The top 20 most commonly used passwords are

1 123456
2 password
3 12345
4 qwerty
5 password1
6 pass@123
7 Admin
8 admin@123
9 Password
11 123
13 111111
14 user
15 1qaz
16 000000
17 qwertyuiop
18 qwerty123
19 123456789
20 monkey

Tips To Create Strong Passwords

Unique Passwords

Do not use the same password for every platform. Use different passwords for different platforms. At the same time, your password should be remembered easily.

Long Passwords

Use longer passwords than the shorter ones. As the longer passwords cannot be guessed easily.

Personal Data

It is better practice to avoid using personal information such as name, birth date, and more while creating a password.

Avoid Common Passwords

It is more important to avoid common passwords. Check the list of most commonly used passwords above.

Change Regularly

To keep our privacy more secure, it is important to change our passwords regularly. Using the same passwords for a long time may result in password cracks.


Avoid using related information in a password. Try to use information that is unrelated to each other.


It there is a possibility to use patterns than passwords, then prefer using patterns. Moreover, your patterns should be complex to guess.

Random Characters

Use some random characters in a password.

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