Rabbit R1- An Alternative To Mobile Phone?

Rabbit R1

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What Is Rabbit R1?

Rabbit R1 is a device that uses artificial intelligence. This device can control the apps on your mobile. It is similar to Google Assistant or Alexa. A start-up company in America called Rabbit has introduced this device named ‘R1’. This device looks like a mobile device. It can process the voice commands from the users. The pre-bookings for this device keep on increasing.

This device can be handled easily, and the carrying of this device is also easy and comfortable as it is small in size. This device is working on a 4G network.

Uses Of Rabbit R1

This device can be used to carry out many activities. This works almost similarly to Alexa or Google Assistant. It comes with an inbuilt camera that can capture 360-degree angles. This device can be used to make phone calls and messages.

Moreover, it can control many apps on your mobile phone such as music, online shopping, and more. This device operates on OS. It has a training mode on which you can train it and in return, it follows your training as the same.

This device has a generative AI option. Through this, users can gain many information. It comes with 128GB storage. This device was showcased in CES 2024. The display size of this device is 2.88 inches. It is equipped with the 2.34GHz MediaTek processor.

Rabbit R1 Launch Date

This device is expected to be launched in March 2024.

Rabbit R1 Price

The expected price of this Rabbit R1 device is Rs 16,500.

Is Rabbit R1 a Phone?

No, it is not a mobile phone but it is considered to be an AI-powered device to control the applications in mobile phones.


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