New Samsung Rollable Phone To Be Launched Soon

Samsung Rollable Phone- At High Expectations

Samsung Rollable Phone

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Samsung Rollable Phone

Samsung is being famous for its innovations. Recently, they have released a foldable smartphone and for that, they are getting more positive responses.

The information says that Samsung company will release Rollable Phones. That refers to the phone containing a rollable display. Till now, Samsung introduced many variants of foldable phones. From 2025, Samsung is gonna produce the rollable phone. For Samsung Rollable Phones, the rollable OLED display will be used.

Samsung Fold Phones

The first foldable phone by Samsung, Galaxy Z Fold was launched in 2019. But that phone had some issues. And later, Samsung worked on those issues and brought one of the best foldable smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy Fold 5 is the latest foldable phone released by Samsung.

Samsung Rollable Phones

The first Samsung Rollable Phone may be launched in 2025. The rollable phone may a zero bezels. The information says that the rollable phone may have an under-display front camera. One of the main features of this mobile is under display camera. The rollable smartphone may have a built-in motor to roll and unroll the display.

This mobile could be a revolutionary smartphone. By using this phone, users may get the best user experiences. This mobile is expected to be in 12.4 inches. The rollable phone may be well advanced than the foldable phones that are released recently. This phone creates great expectations among users.

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