Crossbeats Sonic 3 Earbuds- Specifications, Price, And Details

Crossbeats Sonic 3 Earbuds

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The Crossbeats Sonic 3 earbuds was launched recently. Let’s see the specifications, price, and details about these earbuds.

Crossbeats Sonic 3 Earbuds Specifications

These earbuds come with 13 mm graphene drivers with Quad Mic MEMSensing technology. It supports super-fast charging. It has a 30 db hybrid active noise cancellation feature and also has a 40 ms low latency mode. It provides Bluetooth v5.3 connectivity and supports AAC/SBC codecs. It supports USB type-C charging.

Crossbeats Sonic 3 Earbuds Specialities

These earbuds are more suitable for workouts and outdoor activities as they come with an IPX5 rating for splash and sweat resistance. As it supports super-fast charging, it can provide 100 minutes of playtime only after charging for 10 minutes. It provides up to 60 hours of playback time in total.

Crossbeats Sonic 3 Earbuds

During the launch event, Archit Agarwal, the Founder of Crossbeats, said that the company’s aim has always been to redefine the way people experience sound. He mentioned that with the Sonic 3, they are thrilled to introduce a product that not only delivers superior audio quality but also embodies style and innovation. He also added that everyone deserves to enjoy music in its purest form, and the Sonic 3 makes that possible.

Crossbeats Sonic 3 Variants

There are two different color variants

  • Black
  • White

Crossbeats Sonic 3 Earbuds Price

The Crossbeats Sonic 3 costs Rs 1,999.


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