India’s First Apple Store in Mumbai: New retail experience to Indian customers

It’s been over a long time since Apple opened its most memorable authority retail location on the planet. In any case, it is just now that the first Apple Store in Quite a while is coming up. It is really something major for Apple and in the event that reports are to be accepted, President Tim Cook is supposed to visit the country to check the groundbreaking event. Presently official Apple’s most memorable Store is coming to India with Mumbai’s BKC as the affirmed area. In regular Apple style, the Apple Store isn’t just about the items but about the general experience that Cook and Co. maintain that India should see and feel.

Apple Customers

At the wonderful Marina Straight Sands Apple Store — or known as Apple MBS — there is a couple in their 70s listening mindfully to the “Today At Apple” meeting. Apple sorts out meetings a day to day to illuminate and teach clients about the elements of its items in addition to other things. The couple is interested as the meeting is about the iPhone camera and has a lot of inquiries as they are arranging an excursion soon. The individual leading the meeting has persistence in overflow and answers all inquiries and tells them — and numerous others — about how to get the best out of the iPhone camera.
It is this experience and numerous others that Apple will before long bring to India.
Stroll into any Apple Store and you can perceive how quintessential Apple it is. The meticulousness and the plan style are normally in accordance with Apple’s ethos. “We like to say our stores are where awesome of Apple meet up — our items and administrations, our clients and colleagues. We plan our stores very much like we plan our items — by putting the client at the focal point of all that we do,” Deirdre O’Brien, Apple’s senior VP of retail, tells The Hours of India-Contraptions Now.
O’Brien has a point. All the store representatives are given a thorough measure of preparing — and it is a nearly all-year cycle — about how to manage clients. So regardless of whether you are nonchalantly perusing in any Apple Store, you will maybe get one individual to come dependent upon you and inquire as to whether you want any assistance. Contingent upon your response, you get the experience. For example, you say “I’m simply perusing” and you will be abandoned however long you are in the store and till you really look for help. Stay nearby however long you need (psst, there’s free Wi-Fi at all Apple Stores) and you will not be annoyed by any means.

You will see that there aren’t any sales registers or counters that you need to keep straight to do the charging. That is on the grounds that each Apple Store part is prepared to deal with the installment and charging. It is something you need to encounter.
I would say, I have entirely strolled into an Apple Store to purchase an iPhone. I understood what model, variety, and variation I needed. It required level 150 seconds for the whole exchange and I was on out. The entire experience is ultra smooth and quick in the event that you believe that it should be. And afterward, there’s the opposite side too. Need to invest your energy checking out at each item on offer? Be Apple’s visitor and it won’t be an issue as Apple maintains that you should encounter the Store as well as its items.

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